CJ Domain Whois V1.0 Installation Guide
Script Name CJ Domain Whois V1.0

Installation 1)  Variables to edit in config.php

Change the variable below to the URL of your script folder without a trailing slash
$whoisUrl = "http://www.cj-design.com/demos/cjdomainwhoisv1";

Enter the URL that you wish to send users to when they click "Register"
$registerUrl = "http://www.cj-hosting.com/index.html?aid=102&page=order&domain=%domain%&tld=%tld%";

When true, the register button adjacent to the domain results will be shown, false hides it.
$showRegisterButton = true;

When true, the price column is shown in the results table.
$showPriceColumn = true;

Enter the width you would like to the Whois Details popUp window
$whoisWindowWidth = 600;

Enter the height you would like to the Whois Details popUp window
$whoisWindowHeight = 400;

Progress image to show - see "images" folder for available animations (or add your own!)
$progressImage = "progressbar1.gif";

Hide progress image by setting below variable to false
$showProgressImage = true;

To show progress percent (instead of progress image), set below variable to true
$showProgressPercent = true;

The maximum number of searches to allow per session - this is to combat misuse
$maximumSearches = 10;

Set language here, see "languages" folder for available languages
$language = "english";

Set stylesheet here, see "css" folder for available stylesheets - or create your own using an existing stylesheet as a guide!
$stylesheet = "styles1.css";

2)  Upload

Upload all the files in the zip you were given into a directory preferably called "whois" so your link to whois.php would be www.yourdomain.com/whois/whois.php

3)  Including the Script

To include the script within a PHP web page use the following code:

This goes at the top of your page:

Then enter the form code found in form_example1.php, form_example2.php or form_example3.php, e.g:

Finally, enter the following code where you want the results table to be displayed:

To see an example implementation, open up "example_index.php". 

4) Adding domains to the list

To add a domain for the CJ Domain Whois to check, you need to add it to the list in config.php (after the editable variables).

The list contains elements like this:

To add a domain to the list, simply follow the existing convention. The server is the Whois server that can be looked up to retrieve domain details. The nomatch attribute must be supplied so that the script knows if a domain is available to register - in most cases "no match" or "not found" is returned by the Whois server to show a domain is available. If you have any problems, please consult the forum (www.cj-design.com/forum) instead of giving yourself a headache.

To remove a domain from the list you can either delete the array item or comment it out (this is demonstrated in the config.php file for the domain "xxx").

Finished That's all!

If you have any problems with installing the script, please consult the forum: www.cj-design.com/forum letting us know your problem.

If you spot any bugs, please us know also.

Other Scripts We have a load of other scripts - feel free to check them out from time to time: www.cj-design.com/downloads

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